In the touristic area of the Rucar-Bran corridor welcomes you, watched by the Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului Mountains, Fundata village, the country's highest locality providing you the freshest and ozone rich air.

The village preserved its beauty and traditions despite of the contemporary times providing by its geographic lay-out, to the tourists the chance to visit the real nature wonders: Piatra Craiului National Park - Touristic Tracks in Piatra Craiului, Prapastiile Zarnestilor (Zarnesti gaps), Cheile Moieciului (Moieciului keys), Cheile Gradistei (Gradistei keys), La Chisatoare, National Reservations, Pestera and Cheile Dambovicioara (Dambovicioara keys), Pestera cu lilieci din satul Pestera (the cave with bats from Pestera village, Sirnea village, Pecineagu barrage, Vidraru lake.

If you choose to be accommodated at "Casa Muntelui" Guesthouse, placed at an altitude of 1330 m, you will benefit from all the conditions provided with the greatest pleasure by our guesthouse and the choice of enjoying this gorgeous and unique place.

"Casa Muntelui" Guesthouse is located on the road Rucar-Bran, with an access road of 50 m, nearby Giuvala field. The landscape is enchanting: you can admire the sunrise from the Bucegi Mountains and the sunset from the Piatra Craiului Mountains, the wooden made cottages covered with shingle and the locals working hard in their households.

The place hospitality is filled by the host's hospitality, a young and enterprising family, belonging to this land and village (on one side), the grandparents and great grandparents being the sons of this place.

It should be added the fact that the cross - country skiing is a tradition in Fundata and we are proud to confess that our family's godfather is the one who has graved in wood the first cross-country sky in the area.